Anchor Modular Buildings, a member of the United States Green Building Council, is working to develop “green” sustainable modular buildings for commercial applications such as offices, classrooms and other types of facilities.

We also have experience with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) principles and have a certified LEED-AP (LEED accredited professional) on staff.  LEED’s design principles are categorized into the following main areas:

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Materials & Resources
  • Water Efficiency
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Innovation & Design Process

We find that most people have widely varied views of exactly what “green” or sustainable construction is about, and thus we can talk to you about the various “shades of green” that are available.  While sustainable construction advocates say that green buildings cost about the same, or perhaps a little more than typical construction, we have found that the upfront costs for green construction are definitely higher.  Although efficiencies from reduced energy costs, healthier occupants and other factors will produce significant savings over the long run.

If you are interested in creating a modular LEED certified building, we will be happy to work with you to design a building that will meet your needs and achieve as many LEED points as possible or practical.  Our LEED-AP can assist you with the entire LEED certification process.


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